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10 Black Friday Luggage Deals Not to Miss in 2023

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to snag incredible deals on luggage from top brands. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or simply want to upgrade your travel gear, Black Friday (aka Cyber Week) is the time to do it!

Whether you’re looking for new carry-on luggage, checked luggage, spinner luggage, a hard shell suitcase, soft sided luggage, or other travel accessories to go with a new luggage set, these Black Friday deals cover it all.

These are the best Black Friday luggage deals of 2023, featuring major discounts on our favorite, high-quality luggage brands.

If you’re not sure which luggage brand is the right one for you, here’s a short review of each, why we love them, and the specific Black Friday deals they’re offering for 2023.

Featured Black Friday Luggage Deal


Db is offering up to 50% off sitewide this week! Db makes Scandinavian-inspired luxury adventure travel gear like you’ve never seen before.

Get their award-winning travel gear at unbeatable prices for Black Friday. Db is TravelFreak’s newest obsession. Bet they’ll be yours, too.

1. Monos Luggage: Hard Shell Luggage for 30% Off Sitewide

Monos First Impressions
Photo credit: Monos

Monos luggage is the TravelFreak editor’s choice. I love their hard shell suitcase line that hits all the sweet spots of quality, warranty, features, style, and price.

Monos luggage prioritizes minimal style and functionality, with each of their suitcases boasting an aerospace-grade polycarbonate hard shell for durability.

All suitcases are equipped with 360° spinner wheels for effortless maneuverability, and the vegan leather accents add a touch of elegance. The interior organization pockets make packing and finding your belongings a breeze, and its sleek, minimalist design is perfect for the modern traveler.

The materials used by Monos are premium quality, and each suitcase is packed with functional features that cater to all your travel needs. One minor drawback is the limited color options, but the available colors are classic and timeless.

The brand’s sleek and stylish design combined with its premium quality materials make it a go-to choice for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality in their luggage.

Overall, Monos luggage is a fantastic investment for any traveler. Now’s your chance to get one of their renowned pieces of carry-on luggage at an affordable price. A hard shell suitcase never looked so good! For more information, read our full Monos luggage review.

For Black Friday Monos is offering 30% off luggage deals sitewide. Check them out below!

Photo credit: Samsonite

Samsonite is a reliable name in the luggage industry and has been for more than a hundred years. Their reliable and time-tested products make them a go-to choice for travelers around the world.

Their products are sturdily constructed, making them durable and reliable. The 360-degree dual spinner wheels provide easy maneuverability, making it perfect for navigating through busy airports.

Many of their suitcases also come with a TSA-approved keyless combination lock for added security. Samsonite offers a wide range of models and sizes, catering to various travel needs. The brand has a well-earned reputation for reliability in the luggage industry, making it a trusted choice for many travelers.

They have a lot of options for spinner luggage specifically, and I was amazed at its durability and functionality. The polycarbonate and ABS hard shell construction provided excellent protection for my belongings, while the 360-degree dual spinner wheels made it a breeze to navigate through busy airports.

Because Samsonite offers almost every type of luggage you might need, if you’re buying luggage this Black Friday, the Samsonite website is a place you should definitely look—from carry-on luggage to spinner luggage to luggage sets—they’ve got it all. For more information, check out the best Samsonite luggage you can buy.

Samsonite is offering 25% off luggage this Black Friday! Check them out below.

3. Db Luggage: Stylish Luxury Luggage for 50% Off

Photo credit: Db

I came across Db luggage in an unexpected way, and definitely didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. They make luxury luggage built for adventure which are some of the most well-crafted, durable and stylish suitcases I’ve ever used.

Db offers Scandanavian-inspired adventure travel products that are of the highest quality. Of course, these superior qualities come at a higher price range, reflecting the value and workmanship that goes into each piece. Db offers a luxury product at prices that match. That’s why Black Friday is the perfect time to shop.

For Black Friday, you can get this incredible luxury luggage at the same price point as a standard piece of luggage. Black Friday luggage deals like these are what really make this time of year the best time to buy.

Db is offering 50% off sitewide. Get it now, while the gettin’s good!

4. July Luggage: Luggage Set for 20% Off

July Trunk Luggage Review
Photo credit: July Luggage

July is one of my favorite luggage brands on the planet thanks to their thoughtful designs. They’re a relatively new global brand emerging from the land down under—Australia.

This Aussie luggage brand is renowned for its lightweight design, ensuring easy portability. Its robust construction guarantees durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of travel.

One of the unique features of July luggage is its curved design, which enhances its durability. The overall designs are classic and simple, appealing to those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics. The brand offers a variety of colors and sizes, catering to all sorts of travelers’ preferences and needs.

Clocking in at just 3.9 lbs, the July Lightweight Carry-On is the lightest double-wheel suitcase in the world. This is the perfect opportunity to get a luggage set from a renowned brand at a much more affordable price point. If you’ve been eyeing luggage sets recently, now is the time to jump on July. For more information, check out our July luggage review.

For Black Friday this year, you can save up to 20% when you buy two or more pieces of July luggage.

5. Travelpro Luggage: Soft Shell Luggage Up to 50% Off

Photo credit: Travelpro

When it comes to soft shell luggage, Travelpro is the best in the business.

Travelpro’s commitment to quality is evident in the high-quality materials used in each piece, making it a trusted choice among flight crews and frequent travelers. Yes, this is the famous luggage you’ve seen carried by pilots and flight crews around the world.

Every suitcase uses a robust nylon fabric, known for its high resistance to wear and tear, making it a go-to choice for frequent travelers. This material contributes to the overall sturdiness and longevity of the luggage, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of regular travel.

The thoughtful design extends to the interior of the luggage as well, with organizational pockets and compartments that make packing and finding your belongings a breeze. Overall, Travelpro’s luggage combines functionality with style, making it an excellent choice for the modern traveler.

Travelpro discounts are available now, so act soon to take advantage of these stellar Black Friday luggage deals!

For Black Friday, Travelpro is offering up to 50% off all luggage sitewide.

6. Béis Luggage: Stylish Hardshell Luggage Deals

Béis Luggage First Impressions
Photo credit: Béis Luggage

Founded by Shay Mitchell, Béis builds some of the most stylish polycarbonate luggage out there. I just love the sleek aesthetic and thoughtful design of their suitcases.

Béis is all about creating fashion-forward travel essentials. The brand’s luggage line is characterized by a sleek, minimalist design that doesn’t compromise on functionality. The suitcases feature a durable polycarbonate shell that’s designed to withstand the rigors of travel while keeping your belongings safe.

The 360-degree spinner wheels make navigating through crowded airports a breeze, and the interior is equipped with various compartments for organized packing. The design aesthetics of Béis luggage are truly appealing, with a range of neutral and earthy tones to choose from, making it a stylish choice for the modern traveler.

The Béis Carry-On Roller, one of their flagship products, is a testament to modern design and practicality.

Béis hasn’t yet released their Black Friday luggage deals, but you can sign up for notifications and be the first to know when they announce their sale.

Visit the Béis website now to get notified of their Black Friday luggage deals and get an instant 15% off.

7. Away Luggage: Hard Shell Spinner Luggage for 20% Off

Away Luggage
Photo credit: Away Luggage

Admittedly, Away is not my favorite luggage brand, but due to their popularity, they’re worth mentioning. It’s not that they don’t make a good product, I just believe there are just better products for the price, and their popularity has eclipsed their product.

You may know Away as the luggage company that first gained a footing on social media, but there’s more to these suitcases than its Insta-worthy design.

Away luggage has quickly become a favorite among frequent travelers. The brand combines style, functionality, and durability in all of its products. Each suitcase is designed with a hard shell for maximum protection, and the 360-degree spinner wheels make navigating through crowded airports and baggage claim a breeze.

The interior features a variety of compartments for organized packing, and the TSA-approved lock provides an added layer of security. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, Away Luggage caters to the world traveler. For more information, check out our Away luggage review.

This Black Friday is the perfect time to get Away luggage at a reduced price. This year they are offering all suitcases at 20% off. This is their biggest sale ever, so don’t miss it!

Visit Away Travel now to get 20% off a new luggage set or spinner luggage.

8. Carl Friedrik: Luxury Luggage Up to 30% Off

Carl Friedrik
Photo credit: Carl Friedrik

Carl Friedrik’s Carry-On luggage is my top luxury pick for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. They just released a new colorway (black on black)—which looks incredibly sleek—and now it’s on sale!

Carl Friedrik’s Carry-On luggage is a luxury option that stands out due to its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. Constructed from high-quality materials such as Italian Vachetta leather, it offers a sense of elegance and durability that is hard to match. The suitcase also features Swiss-made silent wheels, ensuring a smooth and noiseless journey through any airport or train station.

Its thoughtful design extends to the interior as well, providing ample storage and organizational features that make packing a breeze. Carl Friedrik luggage has a blend of style, functionality, and durability that makes it a worthy investment for any frequent traveler.

For Black Friday, Carl Friedrik is offering significant discounts on their luxury luggage line. Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up one of their high-quality, beautifully crafted carry-ons at reduced prices this holiday season.

I recommend shopping for the Carl Friedrik Carry-On Pro, which will be 30% off from November 24 to November 27.

9. Horizn Studios: Sustainable Eco-Luxury for up to 50% Off

Horizn Studios
Photo credit: Horizn Studios

Horizn Studios is a brand I truly admire for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Utilizing recycled materials and manufacturing with a commitment to zero-waste, this is luxury luggage that’s committed to a circular travel economy.

Horizn Studios is a brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Their hard luggage line is designed with a premium polycarbonate hard shell, ensuring durability and protection for your belongings.

The 360-degree spinner wheels provide easy navigation through busy airports, while the interior is designed with smart features for organized packing. Horizn Studios also offers a range of sizes and colors to cater to individual preferences.

This Black Friday, you can get up to 50% off on Horizn Studios luggage, making it the perfect time to pick up a new suitcase that will last a lifetime.

10. Antler Luggage: Durable Luggage for Up to 50% Off

Antler Luggage
Photo credit: Antler Luggage

Antler Luggage embodies British craftsmanship at its finest, offering a blend of style, durability, and functionality. I’m particularly drawn to their innovative designs and the exceptional quality that is evident in each piece.

Antler Luggage is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, with robust construction and hard-wearing materials. The brand offers a range of luggage options, including hard shell and soft shell suitcases, all featuring smooth maneuverability with 360-degree spinner wheels.

The interior of Antler suitcases is equally impressive, with smartly designed compartments for organized packing. Notably, Antler Luggage is not just about functionality; it also scores high on style with a variety of designs and colors to suit the aesthetic preferences of any traveler. With Antler Luggage, you can trust that you’re investing in a piece of luggage that combines durability, style, and practicality.

For Black Friday, Antler Luggage is offering significant discounts across their range of high-quality, British-crafted suitcases. It’s the perfect time to invest in their innovative, durable, and stylish luggage, so don’t miss out on these incredible deals.

Visit Antler Luggage now to get up to 50% off sitewide for Black Friday luggage deals.

Finding the Best Black Friday Luggage Deals

While Black Friday provides an excellent opportunity for luggage deals, the multitude of options can make it difficult to make a choice. To make the most of the sales, start by considering the type of travel you have planned and the specific features you need in your luggage. For instance, if you’re a frequent flyer, prioritize durability and functionality, while if you’re a fashion-conscious traveler, look for stylish designs.

Some of the best luggage deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year included up to 40% off at Nordstrom, nearly 70% off at Walmart, and 25% off brand’s sites. Keep an eye out for similar Black Friday deals this year and be prepared to act quickly, as popular items may sell out fast.

To recap, some of the top luggage deals to look out for this Black Friday include:

  • Monos Luggage
  • Samsonite
  • Db Luggage
  • July Luggage
  • Travelpro
  • Béis Luggage
  • Away Luggage
  • Carl Friedrik
  • Horizn Studios
  • Antler Luggage

Black Friday is an excellent time to find the best luggage deals from top brands. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals to upgrade your travel gear and make your next trip a breeze.

It’s the perfect opportunity to buy luggage and snag great discounts on the perfect piece or luggage set for your upcoming trip. Don’t forget to check out our selection of travel bags and travel accessories to complete your packing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to buy luggage?

Black Friday is the best time to purchase luggage, as many retailers offer substantial savings.

What should I consider when choosing luggage?

When selecting luggage, take into account the type of trip you are taking, your individual needs, and the features that are important to you. Look for a bag that meets these criteria and is best suited to your travels.

Which brands offer the best luggage deals during Black Friday?

Monos, Samsonite, Db, July, Travelpro, Béis, Away, Carl Friedrik, Horizn Studios, and Antler Luggage are the top brands offering great deals during Black Friday.

Are there any eco-friendly luggage options available?

Yes, Horizn Studios Luggage uses sustainable materials and production methods.

What are some popular luggage features to look for?

Look for luggage features such as durable materials, spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks and organizational systems for convenient packing.

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